Education & Outreach

Basic Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Virtual Manual

The PRRC intends to bring online a virtual help desk with self-learning and interactive navigation through a basic and frequently asked questions forum. Users will be able to receive answers to recycling and reclaiming questions such as: Is RAP Safe? What is Hot In-place Recycling? For what PCI is it valid? What is asphalt emulsion? What is asphalt foam? Along with many others.

Users will be able to navigate through written topics and answers to the basic questions with embedded videos on the processes, supporting graphs, figures and photos. Optional self-tests will be available for the user to test their knowledge and obtain a printout as proof of the mastery of the subject overview as a precursor to more advanced courses. General, and elementary in nature, the interactive website will serve as a Basic Recycling Primer for technologies including: Hot In-place Recycling, Cold In-place Recycling, Full Depth Reclaiming, Cold Planing, Hot Recycling in asphalt concrete as well as providing basic information on related topics such as the pavement life curve and distress surveys to name a few. Under the current funding a brief review on the main topics is expected to be completed by Winter 2011 with a more comprehensive interactive program completed by Fall 2013.

Basic In-Place Recycling One Day Seminar and Road Show

The PRRC will help facilitate a Basic Recycling Seminar as a service to ARRA members who are having difficulty coordinating and facilitating a seminar on their own. The Basic Recycling Seminar will provide local ARRA members, local agencies and other contractors an overview of each of the ARRA recycling and reclaiming disciplines and their applicability. The PRRC will arrange the space and member speakers as needed to ensure only the most accurate information is provided. Each seminar can be tailored to the local conditions and needs. Similar type overview seminars can be developed and provided to other recycling disciplines upon request.

The In-place Recycling Comprehensive Courses

The PRRC is developing comprehensive subject specific training programs/classes geared for Project, Consulting and Design Engineers involved in selecting, designing and/or constructing an in-place recycling or reclaiming project. Each course will discuss from start to finish what it takes to ensure a successful project. The first class to be offered is the PRRC 301 – CIR Design & Construction.

Based upon current funding, similar courses will be developed and offered for FDR and HIR in Winter 2012 and Winter 2013 respectively. By Spring 2013 it is intended to combine the above individual classes into modules that can be incorporated into college undergraduate/graduate pavement design classes.

Certificate and Training Programs

In response to the needs of several agencies, the PRRC intends to develop Certificate and Training programs for QC Recycling Technicians, Recycling and Reclaiming Trainers, as well as work in conjunction with other programs on Sustainable Pavements. Expected delivery dates are still to be determined.