In-Place Recycling Conference in Ontario, California

By Dragos Andrei

October 18, 2012

The conference was a great success. Contractors, material suppliers, agencies and academia gathered for three days of presentations, discussions and field demonstrations of in-place recycling techniques.

If several years ago many of the participants came to this annual meeting to learn and hear what others are doing, the California conference brought the discussion to a new level: participants are here to share their experience, to learn how to take in place recycling further. California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Alaska, South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, and the County of Los Angeles were there to share their experience with HIR, CIR and FDR.

A few notes from the meeting:

- use FDR not only to address base/subgrade instability. Use FDR to increase the structural capacity of the pavement for anticipated future traffic.

- FDR allows access for residents and businesses at all times during the construction process.

- keep CIR softer than AC so it can effectively slow down reflective cracks from propagating through the CIR into the new surface

- when the time comes to recycle again, recycle only the AC overlay, no need to recycle the existing CIR layer.

- in place recycling techniques reduce truck traffic, traffic congestions and closures related to construction activities. The result is reduced impact on businesses and road users during construction.

- consider removing the asphalt for later use as RAP instead of mixing it with underlying materials when doing FDR.

- 100% federal funds can now be used for in-place recycling projects, including full depth reclamation (FDR).

In a final discussion, agencies described some of the implementation hurdles they are facing:

- Funding: the great majority of agencies face a 40%- 50% reduction in maintenance and rehabilitation budgets over the next years. This is due to the expiration of the ARRA government funding.

- Inspection and training

- Education, many local agencies are still not familiar with in place recycling techniques

- Recycling subcontractor and prime contractor in conflict and agency in the middle

- High variability in the existing surface materials

- Utilities in the road that are not adjustable

- Ignoring structural capacity aspects

- The lack of standard specifications

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