Sustainable Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies

In this presentation, key sustainability features of pavements structures are identified and discussed. The presentation starts with an overview of the state of the pavement. The second part of the presentation goes over asphalt recycling and reclaiming strategies. Finally, several sustainability rating systems for pavements are presented. The presentation can be accessed online on slideshare.

How “Green” Is Your Pavement Network?

In this article from APWA Reporter (August 2013) you can learn about integrating pavement recycling and reclaiming strategies in pavement management. Asphalt recycling and reclaiming techniques are briefly described and guidelines for including asphalt recycling and reclaiming in multi-year pavement management programs are provided. Click here to access the article.

Green Up at ISAP Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina

The12th ISAP Conference on Asphalt Pavements will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A., on June 1-5, 2014. Dr. Andrei will present a paper describing “Green Up”: a graphical method to compare pavement rehabilitation alternatives in terms of sustainability. The sustainable aspects of materials, rehabilitation technologies and surface properties are graphically illustrated with colors. Green…