Kenneth K. Damgaard Scholarship

Kenneth K. Damgaard

Kenneth K. Damgaard (1939-2012) was a licensed civil engineer and professional land surveyor with 35 years of experience in public service: 24 years with the Arizona Department of Transportation, 3 years with Pima County Department of Transportation, and 8 years with the City of Tucson. He was a member of the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association and served a decade as their Affiliate Chairman. Ken was an avid supporter of asphalt recycling and an inspiration to many generations of engineers and construction professionals. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1964 and received an MBA from Northern Arizona University in 1982.

To honor Mr. Damgaard’s legacy, the Kenneth K.
Damgaard Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students in the
College of Engineering that show promise to become true stewards of the natural
and the built environment through their current scholarly activities and

Eligible achievements include passing the LEED Green Associate or AP exam(s), Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP), ASCE Envision Sustainability Professional (SP), or similar. The scholarship will pay up to $1,000 for the cost of the relevant exam(s) in recognition of the student’s commitment to include sustainable design principles and practices in their engineering education and professional career. Other activities and achievements may also be found eligible upon review by the scholarship committee.

The scholarship is only available to currently enrolled engineering students at Cal Poly Pomona. To apply, please include official proof of passing a relevant exam, copy of receipt showing payment of the exam fee, Bronco ID number, and mailing address. Submit the documentation in a sealed envelope to:

CAL POLY POMONA Civil Engineering Department

Kenneth K. Damgaard Scholarship Committee

Building 17, Room 2651

For questions or additional information please contact Dr. Rosa Vasconez, P.E., LEED A.P., Make sure to use “scholarship” in the subject field.

Scholarship Recipients


Melineh Aghakhabian ENV SP
John Alfonso Aguilar ENV SP
Douglas Annand ENV SP
Borna Asgari ENV SP
Joshua Bloomer Greenroads STP
Kyle Bushhousen ENV SP
Brian Cervantes ENV SP
Randy De Leon Elias ENV SP
Flora Delgado ENV SP
Daniel Djemal LEED GA
Talar Galoustian ENV SP
Yasmeen Halabi ENV SP
Misael Iniguez ENV SP
Kara Johnson ENV SP
David Kim ENV SP
Evan Landi LEED GA
Shayna Larson ENV SP
Austin Lim ENV SP
Jesus Miranda ENV SP
Antoan Mishriki ENV SP
Maria Nelsen ENV SP
Mayra Peredo Villavicencio LEED GA
Ryan Porras ENV SP
Yamile Portillo ENV SP
Patricia Santana ENV SP
Araeik Sarian ENV SP
Jonathan Scott ENV SP
Marisol Serrano ENV SP
Salvador Vargas ENV SP
Daoud Wali ENV SP
Jacqueline Yanez ENV SP


William Daher, Envision SP

Robert Fix, Envision SP

Justin Tata, Envision SP

Emily Randig, Envision SP

Dion Mokhtari, Envision SP

Jonathan T. Bui, Envision SP

Matthew Palacios, Envision SP

Elizabeth Aguilar, Envision SP

Jacob Barakzoy, Envision SP

Kirolos Botros, Envision SP

Amber Campbell, Envision SP

Yesenia Campos, Envision SP

Kevin Erving, Envision SP

Victor Heiny, LEED GA

Lindsey Henken, Envision SP

Laura Lopez, Envision SP

Nick Muntean, Envision SP

Abin Thomas, Greenroads STP

Julia Chang, Envision SP

Michael Calixto, Envision SP

Tyler Vigneault, Envision SP

Robert Kochan, Envision SP

Lorena Bennett, Envision SP

Alexandre Quazza, Envision SP

Tahsin Ashraf, Envision SP


Christian Ascensio, Envision SP

Miguel Avila Monjaras, Envision SP

Karina Carillo Santiago, LEED GA

Marilyn Galeano, Envision SP

Lucas Gomes Pereira, Envision SP

Jacob Gregg, Envision SP

Allison Guerrero, Envision SP

Juan Hernandez Valdovinos, Envision SP

Roberto Huizar, Envision SP

Jasmin Hurtado, Envision SP

Magdeline Hutton, Envision SP

Cam Giang Huynh, Envision SP

Sameh Jouhar, LEED GA

Jerome Marquez, Envision SP

Sergio Morales, Envision SP

Drake Moye, Envision SP

Clayton Ojeda, LEED AP

Christian Ramos, LEED GA

Mariam Rizk, Envision SP

Giovanny Rodriguez Quevedo, Envision SP

Cynthia Ruiz, LEED GA

Johnny Santiago Luna, Envision SP

JonPaul Sarro, Envision SP

Amy Truong, Envision SP

Breggie Andreane Tuazon, Envision SP

Natalie Vargas, Envision SP

Brayan Velasquez, Envision SP

Ryan Wilson, Envision SP

Kevin Yang, Envision SP

2014 – 2018:

Adam Vidalis, Envision SP

Jonathan Sepulveda, Envision SP

Kevin Nguyen, Envision SP / Greenroads STP

Anthony Munoz, Envision SP

Armando Lozano, Envision SP

Elisa Lim, Envision SP

Andrew Koscal, Envision SP

Roy Kim, Envision SP

Weijian Huang, Envision SP

Roy Feng, Envision SP

Christopher Borunda, Envision SP

Methuselah Arnold, Envision SP

Ryan Alvarez, Envision SP

Jonathan Lee, Greenroads STP / Envision SP

Christian Esteban, Greenroads STP

Dang Nguyen, Greenroads STP / Envision SP

Andre Ortiz, Greenroads STP

Alexander Tran, Greenroads STP

Abdal Rahman Al Araj, Envision SP

Felix Awujo, Envision SP

Tyler Carlson, Greenroads STP

Vincent Chen, Envision SP

Patrick Cheng, Envision SP

Andrew Crutchfield, Envision SP

Matthew Cureg, Envision SP

Robert DeMerrit, Envision SP

Sarah Donnally, Envision SP

Elibera Ebrahimi, Envision SP / LEED Green Associate

Yatziri Enriques, LEED Green Associate

Christian Estevan-Saldivar, Greenroads SP

Edgar Giron Orozco, Envision SP

Isabel Gomez, Envision SP

Giovanni Gonzales, Envision SP

Minwoo Jeong, Envision SP

Mark Lemus, Envision SP

Elisa Lim, Envision SP

Yongsuk Lim, Envision SP

Rosendo Medina, Envision SP

Edwin Rivera, Envision SP

Salvador Rodriguez, Envision SP

Walter Rodriguez, Envision SP

Luis Salgado Nunez, Envision SP

Nicholas Woo, Envision SP

Peyton Young, Envision SP

Vache Richard Garabedian, LEED AP

Rami Kakish, LEED Green Associate

Cesar Guevara, LEED Green Associate

Carolina Fernandez, LEED Green Associate

Carlos Moreno, LEED Green Associate

Mehdi Alifard, LEED Green Associate

Young Kim, Envision SP