Carbon Offsets

Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation activities generate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Emissions can be offset by supporting projects that avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such projects include: the capture and sequestration of greenhouse gases, investing in renewable energy sources, or improved forest management.

Why Use it?

When a direct reduction in emissions is not possible, carbon offsets can be purchased to indirectly reduce the overall negative impact of the project on the environment.

How to use it?

Consider purchasing carbon offset credits to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your project. In Green Up, carbon offsets are subtracted from the gray GWP cloud schematically shown on the right side of the Green Up graphic.

Where to learn more and who to contact?

EPA web page on carbon offsets and other carbon footprint reduction instruments:

Carbon offsets can be purchased from a range of vendors. Consult a business directory or conduct an online search to find and contact vendors in your area. The cost of 1 metric ton of CO2e offset ranged between $8 – $10 in June 2019.