Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is portland cement concrete with open-graded aggregate. The void space of pervious concrete is typically between 15 and 25%. Like all permeable pavements, the surface will accept sediment thereby decreasing its infiltration rate over time.

Why use this strategy?

Rooftops and roads are the leading alteration in water movement across the landscape, which can have severe consequences, especially in disturbing runoff processes. As water flows through its path, it picks up pollutants and deposits them into bodies of water, causing those bodies to become polluted. Fully permeable pavements are sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional, impervious pavements as they eliminate the construction of drainage pipes or trenches for collecting stormwater, while also being able to reduce stormwater runoff and pollutants from urbanized areas.

How to use it?

Consider using pervious concrete on a specially designed permeable pavement structure. Permeable structures are best suited for parking lots or low traffic roads.

Where to learn more and who to contact?

Green Up page on permeable pavement structures:

National Ready Mix Concrete Association: